Thank you very much! Instant payment!


Stable instant payment!


For me, this is like a second job that brings a stable income…


It’s a great platform, and I’m happy with it. I invested 1,000 rubles, and I want to see how it works.


I only invest in dollars and most of all I like the perfect money payment system. Recently opened a Deposit of $ 2500, tariff plan “90 days”. I am glad that this payment card has an instant withdrawal, I hope the company will soon add this feature to other payment systems.


I chose the “30 days” tariff plan and created a Deposit of 50,000 thousand rubles with reinvestment enabled. as a result, my profit was 63,501 rubles. As for the withdrawal, my request was processed for about 5 hours, after which the money was credited to my card. This is very convenient for me!


First of all, I want to say that online consultants are very polite and always try to help you understand the issue. I asked a lot of questions, as I could not always figure it out myself, but the consultant Yuri explained everything in a language that I understood. I will ask the company to note this fact and thank this person if possible.

Igor Anatolyevich

Hello, I want to share my experience of investing in the company. Having invested 30,000 rubles, I began to make a profit and I am certainly happy about it. After a while, I decided to open a large Deposit in the amount of much more than 30,000 thousand and it also makes me a profit. I want to thank the company for fulfilling its duties!

Oksana Yurievna

Hello, I want to talk about cooperation with the company Perspective Plus, the company has shown itself quite well during the entire contract and fulfilled all obligations. Therefore, I had only positive impressions in working with this company.

Vladimir Ivanovich

Today my deposit finally ended, and I made a withdrawal of funds, of course, I had worries and questions for this company, but everything went well.


I have invested 2,500 rubles and regularly receive my accruals, everything goes perfectly as it should. If all goes well, I will invest more money.


My friend brought me to this project and I began to earn money with him, of course, questions and distrust arose, but I decided firmly for myself that I should definitely try.


I am currently on maternity leave and temporarily not working, it is difficult for my husband and I to live on the same salary, I had to look for something. And it’s good that I found this company, having invested 14,000 rubles in the company, I began to significantly help the family budget.


In such a turbulent time in the country, I’ll better trust the money to professionals, I will make a good profit.

Dmitry Nikolaevich

I have been working with this company for a long time and have long understood that I made the right choice. For all the time I worked with the company Perspective Plus, I put 125 thousand rubles in my pocket. This is a very nice bonus for me.


Having invested a large amount, he began to earn and still attracted friends, also earning% of their investment. This is a very nice bonus, we will earn together.


I looked closely at the company for a long time, and yet, based on positive reviews, I decided to invest it myself. While everything is fine, there are no questions. I’m waiting for the deposit to expire in order to try to withdraw.

Anna Anatolyevna

Today my friend invited me to this company, she and I are pensioners, I don’t want to retire without retirement and confine myself only to pension money. I am investing for the first time and the investment amount is 6,700 rubles, the tariff plan has chosen 1.2 percent.

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